Yanika for Clean Paws


YANIKA – FOR CLEAN PAWS: Cleanses – Nourishes – Protects

Have you ever wondered what your dogs are stepping on while walking?

Yanika’s effective 3-in-1 formula cleans, nourishes and works as an antiseptic with the fresh, delicate aroma of peppermint.

It quickly absorbs into the skin and is non-greasy; protect and disinfect paws while offering regeneration and refreshment after walking.

Yanika is a PH balanced formula made completely from natural ingredients. Ingredients: purified water, coconut oil, aloe vera, marigold, lavender essential oil, peppermint, vitamin E, preservative.


Application: Post-walk, spray from a distance of 4-6 inches directly onto the paws, avoiding the eye area. Then wipe with a clean cloth if desired, to cleanse and protect in one easy step. Yanika is not intended for oral use, but it is non-toxic if ingested by your dog after application. Suitable for all breeds. Safe to use on puppies from 12 weeks.


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