MOISTURIZING MIST – for dry and itchy skin


YANIKA MOISTURIZING MIST – for dry and itchy skin
Moisturize, Hydrate and Heal
Does your pet keep scratching, have dry skin and even dandruff?
Yanika is a unique blend of natural ingredients that works to moisturize dry, itchy skin and add lustre to brittle hair.
For daily use and between baths, apply as often as needed directly onto dry, flaky or irritated skin and coat.

Yanika is a completely natural product with a PH balanced formula.
Ingredients: purified water, coconut oil, Aloe Vera, marigold, lavender essential oil, bergamot, vitamin E, preservative.

Application: Shake well and spray directly onto the coat, avoiding the eye area. For long-haired dogs, apply Yanika to your hands first, then rub into the coat and skin. For dogs with very dry skin, it is recommended you use Yanika after each bath.

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