Yanika 4-in-1 spray naturally conditions and detangles coats, neutralizes unpleasant smells and deodorizes pet hair, with the gentle and fresh scent of lavender and lemon grass.

Application: Shake well and spray directly onto the coat, avoiding the eye area. For long-haired dogs, apply Yanika to your hands first, then rub into the coat and skin. Its gentle antibacterial properties destroy unwanted bacteria on the skin and coat, restoring its natural balance!
Yanika is a completely natural product with a PH balanced formula.
Ingredients: coconut oil, Aloe Vera, Argan oil, vitamin E, lavender essential oil, lemon grass and preservative.

Did you know – An unpleasant scent comes from the secretions of fungi and bacteria that live in pet ​​hair. When your pet is dry, we cannot detect the odour, but when it meets water, the bonds that stick to these microscopic particles are broken. Volatile compounds are released into the air and we perceive this as an unpleasant scent. Yanika neutralizes the bad smell quickly and easily and restores the natural balance of your pet’s skin and hair.

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